Spanish courses


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General Spanish course

From the level you have, you will learn to communicate better and better and you will improve your fluency in the 4 linguistic competences (written and oral production/comprehension). You will know the Spanish culture through readings, videos and conversations.

Spanish for travelling

We will work on typical situations that may occur during a trip to Spain or Latin America, to prevent problems or accidents. I will also advise you on what you can visit, do or eat wherever you want to go. Make your holidays an unforgettable experience.


This course is designed for people who are about to move to Spain. We will work on managing the typical situations you will face when arriving in a new city, and solving any problems that may arise. I will advise you on the cultural, leisure and interest activities available in town.


· · · LEVELS: A1-A2-B1-B2 · · · We will review the syllabus of the grammatical and lexical contents that is planned according to the level of MECR (A1-C2) and we will work according to DELE exams tasks.


These conversation classes are based on pre-prepared questions about current affairs, social issues, etc. Topics may be previously agreed with the student. These classes are not suitable for absolute beginners.


As an Italian teaching Spanish, I have developed a specific method for Italian students, based on comparing similarities and differences between the two languages. This method will help you learn Spanish quickly and efficiently.