Tailored classes, according to students' needs and hobbies

I adapt my work to my students’ learning styles. Each class is a challenge: I love finding the best way for my students to learn quickly, properly and effectively. My goal is to guide them to quickly becoming independent language users, acquiring the fluency they need to achieve their goals.

communicative classes

My classes are based on the assumption that language is primarily a means of communication that conveys a message

We will study grammar (of course), but we will focus on the communicative function that we want to learn in each phase of our learning. Our activities will be based on meaningful tasks, namely, we will learn from real (or adapted) linguistic texts on the one hand, and on the other hand, we will produce realistic texts (reserve a table in restaurants, write a comment on Tripadvisor, call an agency of tourism for a complaint, etc.)

contrastive linguistics


Since I am not a Spanish native speaker, I can teach you the language the way I learned it myself. In addition, when working with adults who already speak more than one language, I think it is very effective to show similarities and differences, to encourage an understanding of linguistic structures. In the case of Spanish and Italian, which are very similar languages, contrastive linguistics are a very helpful tool for students to accelerate learning.


I am passionate about my students’ culture, hobbies and work

I am a curious and lively person. I love it when my students share their passions with me, and I prepare customized materials, getting inspiration from their interests and according to their needs, something which helps my students learn quickly and effectively. They love their classes, and I learn from them every day.

Basic technological tools

You don’t have to be a computer to do online classes

In my classes I use an easy-to-use, convenient combination of tools that include Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Drive and Dropbox. We can talk to and see each other, write on chat, share screens and links of all kinds on Skype and Google Hangout. Google Drive allows us to share an interactive whiteboard that we can use simultaneously. We will use Google Drive and Dropbox to share and store documents in different formats.

Your first class is free