Italian courses


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General Italian course

From your initial level, you will be constantly improving your communication skills, as well as fluency in the 4 skills (written and oral production/comprehension). You will get to know Italian culture through reading practice, videos and conversations.

Italian for travelling

We will work on those typical situations that might occur during a trip to Italy, learning how to prevent problems and solve any issues. I will also recommend you what to visit, do or eat wherever you want to go. Make your holidays an unforgettable experience.


We will review the syllabus of grammatical and lexical content the candidate is expected to master according to A1-C2 CEFR levels, and structure our work according to exam tasks. We will practice by using past tests as mock tests in class.


Conversation classes will revolve around previously prepared questions dealing with current affairs, social issues etc. Students will be able to choose topics with their teachers. These classes will not be open to absolute beginners.


After many years in Barcelona, I have a lot of experience with Spanish-speaking students. In addition, as bilingual speaker, I will share all my tricks to quickly and efficiently share my native language with you, and help you learn.