How does it work?

very easy

Choose the most suitable course

Feel free to choose the course you like the most, but don’t worry, you can change if necessary, after having your level assessed by us.

Book your free trial class

Book your first free class (30min.). This will help us get to know each other, assess your level, agree on future classes, and answer all your questions

Pay by Paypal or credit card

After your first class, you will be able to buy class passes for the course that suits you.

Open your mind and start learning

Now you can start opening your mind and learning many new things, not only related to language, but also about Italian or Spanish culture. Congratulations!!

In all the courses the different communication skills and competences involved in learning a language will be worked on:


  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening comprehension
  • Expression and speaking
  • Expression and writing
  • Grammar accuracy
  • Choosing the right register (colloquial, formal, etc.)

Your commitment to learning goes beyond classes. I will come up with personalized ideas for you to experience the language outside the classroom:   

  • Social networks     
  • YouTube channels     
  • Cultural blogs, according to your hobbies    
  • Media     
  • Readings articles or other texts     
  • Cultural interest websites
  • Practical advice for newcomers to Spain (to Barcelona especially)
En todos los cursos online de italiano y español se trabajan la comprensión lectora y auditiva, la expresión e interacción oral y escrita, gramática, etc.