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Why online?

In my experience as a teacher, I have taught in language schools, cafès, at home, in my students’ homes, and I must confess that teaching online is when I feel most comfortable.


I am in my familiar environment (home, office or where I am in the world) and the student in his or hers. Both with our own cup of tea. From the first moment a very close bond is formed and a pleasant, conducive atmosphere is created and open to learning. 

Why Claudins?


Experienced teacher for an affordable rate

Flexible hours

Choose with the teacher the time you prefer. 24h

No pressure

Directly from your home or wherever you are

Tailored classes

According to needs and interests

Give Claudins as a gift

Surprise your friends and family by giving them a Claudins class pass as a gift.

You will learn Italian or Spanish and you will have a new friend!

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